francisco bautista weaving family

The Bautista Family

I am Francisco Bautista, the fourth generation Master Weaver in my family.
My wife, Laura, and I were born in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, Mexico. With over 46 years of weaving experience between us, we have always been fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads.
We use only hand-spun, hand dyed wool, and weave each of our works on a foot pedal loom. The vibrant colors you see in our weavings come from our own natural and aniline dyes. Together we work to ensure that the quality achieved by the Master Weavers of old will continue to live on in each piece we weave.

Weaving Through the Generations

As a boy, I remember sitting under my father’s loom as he wove. At first, I began working on the fringes of his weavings, tying the threads one at a time. Then as my passion for weaving grew, he would sit with me at his loom, and show me the rhythm and beauty of weaving.
That same passion I felt as a boy I still carry with me ― and I weave it into every piece I make.
So, too, my son and daughter have grown up sitting beneath my loom ― and just like me at that age, they are both eager to learn all that my wife and I can teach them about the art of weaving.
As they continue to grow, I know that one day Cynthia and David Bautista will be even more skillful than their mother and father.
We are proud of the tradition that we uphold together, and thankful for the opportunity to honor and add to that tradition with our work.

Traditional and Contemporary Design

Our greatest inspiration comes from the exquisite beauty of Zapotec and Navajo art.
The intricate geometric patterns of the traditional weaves, rich with symbolism, illustrate our relationship between the natural world, and that which exists beyond ourselves. You will see many of these traditional designs among our works, which we proudly produce with the same time-honored techniques that Master Weavers have used for centuries.
Yet even when honoring the ancient ways, we must never forget that weaving is more than a museum piece ― it continues to grow with each generation as a living art, combining tradition with new expressions of color, imagery, and symbolism.
Among our collection, you will find designs both old and new, all handmade with the same time-honored techniques that have been passed down through my family for generations.